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Create, Search, And Add To Notes With Siri [iOS Tips]


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Ever been driving along when inspiration strikes? When the perfect line for that song you’ve been writing appears in your head and you just have to write it down? How about when you’re listening to the radio and you want to remind yourself to look up a book you’re hearing about on NPR?

You could pull over and rummage around your glove box for a pen that works and some paper, or pull out the Moliskine notebook you carry around everywhere (you hipster). Or, you can just have Siri create a Note about it on your iPhone. You can even have Siri add stuff to Notes you’ve already made. That way, you can just make a note of it, using your voice and the power of Apple’s personal assistant, and it will sync to iCloud (if you have it enabled), ready for action when you get home, or back to your Mac.

To create a new note, simply tell Siri to “Create a note about .” I created a note named “Pugs” on my iPhone to keep track of thoughts I have about my dogs. I held the Home button down, waited for the Siri beep, and then said, “Create a note about pugs.” Said note was created.

To add to the note you create, simply activate Siri, and say, “Add to my note about .” So, to add “dogs” and “are smelly” to my note about pugs, I simply said, “Add dogs to my note about pugs.” Then I said, “Add are smelly to my note about pugs.” Each phrase was added, as you can see in the image above.

To search for specific notes, simply activate Siri and say, “Find a note about .” To find the list of books I want to read, for instance, I said, “Find my Reading List note.” Siri pulled up a Note I’ve made that is called, “Reading list.”

You can also search by day. Simply ask Siri to find all the notes from today, yesterday, or a specific date, and it will pull the relevant Notes up for you.

Via: OS X Daily

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