Sergy Brin Says iPhones Are Emasculating, But He Drives A Pink Tesla Batmobile [Image]




Sergey Brin is an odd dude. He’s also filthy rich, which allows him to embrace all that oddness by working on crazy projects like Google Glass. Brin also thinks that using a smartphone is weird and totally “emasculating.” But you know what’s not emasculating at all? Driving around in a pink batmobile Telsa with Chrome logos on your chrome hubcaps.

Ryan Mac posted this picture of the Google co-founder rolling around LinkedIn HQ earlier today, and we’re at a complete loss of words. Brin’s either got indomitable swag, or he thinks rainbow colored eyelashes for your headlights are going to become the new vogue car accessory, which kind of makes him crazy, right? It turns out the pink Tesla batmobile was just an April Fools prank, but I’m sure Brin loved it.

Source: Twitter