• Adrian

    hahaha nice video.

  • charli

    the funniest part is that that ad will probably sell more Macs than any Mac ad. why? because a lot of folks don’t want to deal with all those pieces and cables. why should they when they can get sleek iMac with a wireless mouse and keyboard and have one cable. and you can use one of at least 3 programs to run windows on it if that’s what you want.

  • Anton

    The video is NOT by Dell, but by a comedy troop from the University of Maryland called, “The Bureau”. It took me all of 36 seconds to research that.

    1) Watch credits
    2) go to website named in credits
    3) done

    If Dell made the spoof, they would have polished it a bit more than that.

    Maybe you should do the right thing and properly give credit in your post to the people that actually made the video.

  • Pete

    Yeah, I don’t think anyone was under the impression that this was actually made by Dell…

  • Anton

    Yeah, I don’t think you get the point.

    When I read the title, and then read the short, three sentence blurb, you clearly give Dell credit for this. Once I started watching the video, I questioned if Dell actually made the video. Watching the video to the end, it becomes apparent that it was done by The Bureau.

    The point is, you are posting someone else’s work, do them the justice of giving them credit.

  • Daniel

    Misleading article/headline. Maybe stop being so amateur?

  • Fart

    So some of you guys actually think that Dell commercials are hosted on funnyordie.com and then feel the need to tell the poster he got it wrong? Wow, that’s sad.

  • B

    This ad has been around forever (ok, since the same week the Air was released). You guys are a little late…