Apple Widens Its Lead Against Samsung In The U.S. As Top Smartphone Maker



While tech experts have been eager to announce the demise of Apple and the iPhone, a different story has taken place in the U.S. as Apple has continued to widen its lead against Samsung.

comScore just released its latest report on the state of the U.S. smartphone market, and their findings show that Apple managed to widen increase its marketshare. Samsung saw some growth as well (1.0% ) but Apple grew about four times more (4%).

Apple’s current U.S. marketshare stands at 38.9% according to the report, while Samsung sits at 21.3%. The three other manufacturers rounding out the top 5 include HTC with 9.3%, Motorola with 8.4%, and LG with 6.8%.

Samsung is likely to see a nice jump in the next quarter thanks to the launch of the Galaxy S4, while HTC is trying to make up ground behind its newest flagship device, the HTC One.

While the iPhone 5 is only 6 months old, Apple might put extra pressure on HTC and Samsung this summer by launching the iPhone 5S.

Even though Apple is the country’s top smartphone manufacturer, Android is still beating iOS in terms of smartphone platform marketshare. However, Android’s usage drop 2% this last quarter to 51.7% (down from 53.7%, while iOS usage jumped from 35% to 38.9%.


Source: comScore