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Apple Now Displays App Store Age Ratings Right Next To App Icons



Apple has made a small change to the way in which App Store age ratings are displayed to make them a little easier to find. They’re now displayed alongside app icons on iOS devices — just under the name of the developer — so they’re not so easy to miss when you’re downloading new apps.

Prior to the change, the age ratings were displayed right at the bottom of the app’s description, so you had to scroll all the way down to see them — if you bothered looking at all. The only age rating that’s easier to see is the 17+ one, and that’s only because Apple prompts you to accept downloads that come with this rating.

It’s unclear why the change was made, but Apple has been making small improvements to the App Store in recent months to make it easier for customers to see what they’re in for when downloading an app. In addition to making the age ratings more prominent, the company last month also began displaying an “offers in-app purchases” note on certain apps.

There was a lot of controversy over the App Store’s age ratings back in January when the popular photo-sharing service 500px was pulled for “featuring pornographic images and material.” It came back a week later, but had a new 17+ age rating that wasn’t there before.

Since then, a number of other apps have been updated to add 17+ age ratings, including Vine and Tumblr.

Via: App Advice