Double Fine’s New Broken Age Trailer Looks Amazingly Poignant [Video]



Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions have made some amazing games over the years, including gems like Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Costume Quest, and Brütal Legend. Then they took to Kickstarter to see if they could get their community to support them in the development of a new game, generically called “The Double Fine Adventure Game.”

Well, it’s named now, and it’s got its first trailer ready for you to see, above. The trailer itself looks at once whimsical and heartfelt, with a poignant musical piece and a bit of gameplay footage.

According to the game’s new website, Broken Age is an adventure game that will tell the story of a young boy and girl who lead parallel lives. The girl is chosen as a sacrifice to a monster, while the boy is living alone on a spaceship–two disparate yet in some way connected lives. He wants adventures, she wants to not be eaten. Adventures happen from there.

The game has garnered well over three million dollars in support from the Kickstarter community, and there’s even a behind-the-scenes project about the game’s development that is available for those who make new Kickstarter donations to Double Fine for the new game.

You can also pre-order the game for $15 to get early beta access, or for $30 to get special “backer” access–which gives you access to special forums and the behind-the-scenes video–right on the Broken Age website.

Source: Double Fine Productions
Via: Inside Mac Games