Use iCloud-Enabled Notes App To Store Bookmarks [OS X Tips]


Bookmarks in Notes

Bookmarks are a great way to return to the websites you’re most often interested in. However, there are a ton of times when you just want to remember a specific website once, maybe to show to another person or do some research with. There are a ton of online bookmarking services, like and Pinterest, but they have a whole social networking layer that maybe you just want to skip.

If you want to save the URL of any website in an iCloud-synched app, look no further than Apple’s own Notes app.

Launch Notes on your Mac, and then click on the plus button in the list of notes you’ve created. Name it something clever like “URL” or “My Bookmarks” and then double click on the note’s title in the pane on the left. You’ll get a nice floating window that’s just the note you saved.

Now, all you need to do is click on the address bar in your web browser, like Chrome or Safari, and then drag the URL to the Notes App, which is now in the background. If your Mac is logged in to iCloud, you’ll also be able to see these saved bookmarks when you open Notes on your iOS device, iPad or iPhone.

You can also copy and paste links, drag links right off the web page you’re browsing, and drag and drop saved bookmark files from your Mac’s Desktop or other folder, as well. All these will sync up with iCloud, and will be available to any other iCloud-enabled devices.

Want to do this on your iOS device? Copy and paste the URL link into the Note.

Source: OS X Daily

  • CharilaosMulder

    Use reading list for temporary bookmarks;) it’s there for a reason, it syncs through iCloud, and even saves online, and leaves uncluttered.