Picfari App Guides You To The Best Travel And Vacation Photos



Picfari is a smart little iPhone app which tells you where all the best photos are to be taken – wherever you are. Say you’re on vacation in, I don’t know… Barcelona, Spain. Fire up the app and it’ll not only let you browse photo hotspots, it’ll also pull in great sample shots from places like Flickr, and even give you some tips on getting the best shots.

Completely coincidentally, I live in Barcelona, kind of near the tourist ghetto that is the Palau de la Música Catalana. The Palau is squashed in amongst the narrow streets of the old town, and it’s impossible to get a good photo from ground level (and that’s before we even get to the terrible lighting). And yet every time I pass, I see people snapping with cellphones, compacts (lots of Sony NEXes hanging around the necks of the Japanese tourists — a very popular camera) and even high-end SLRs with giant zooms. And none of them will get a good photo. They should just spend a few bucks in the museum store and buy a postcard.

Or grab Picfari (free), which would guide them (hopefully) away from the Palau and off to far more photogenic plaças nearby. You can search for nearby places, or explore your vacation destination before you leave. There are tips, and the app will even tell you what camera settings to use to get the pictures you see in the app.

Or you could pull a Capricorn One and just fake your entire trip, stealing the pictures from the app and passing them off as your own, all without even leaving your armchair. Add in a fake tan and a few extra inches around the waist (the food is great in Italy, after all) and your deception will go unnoticed. Unlike your new-found photographic skills.

Source: App Store