Cyclemeter Adds Support For Wahoo RFLKT iPhone Bike Computer



Good news for those of you who were unfortunate enough to have dropped $130 on the Wahoo RFLKT (ROFL!) Bluetooth 4 iPhone HUD for your bike. One of the best iPhone cycling apps – Cyclemeter – has just been updated to support your fragile dongle. There’s bad news, too: You’ll have to drop another $3 on an in-app purchase to enable the new feature. Insult, meet injury.

The RFLKT Is a wireless display and control unit for the iPhone which hooks up to bike-related GPS tracking and fitness apps and both shows a daylight-friendly readout on its LCD display. Buttons on the unit let you control various functions back on the iPhone, which you can safely leave in a bag or pocket. I reviewed the RFLKT and found the concept great, but the hardware cheap-feeling and flawed. There was also, at the time, only the Wahoo app to use it with, which works fine, but isn’t Cyclemeter.

You get lots of customization. There are 17 pre-made page templates, and you can tweak these with any of 148 different stats. The product page lists “current speed, previous interval average heart rate, and helpful data like time and battery level” as among these. The buttons can be set to perform any of nine actions.

Maybe if Cyclemeter had been available when I reviewed the RFLKT I would have thought of it more kindly. Let me put it this way: If you have a RFLKT, then just go spend the money on Cyclemeter – it’s pretty essential (and just $5 – plus the $3 in-app purchase). If you don’t have either, then seriously consider grabbing something from Garmin (the EDGE 500 is probably a good deal right now as its replacement has been launched) and use that instead.

Source: App Store