AluFrame, The Classiest Bumper Case, Like, Ever



Just Mobile, the folks behind many handy aluminum Mac and iOS accessories (like the pencil-impersonating AluPen stylus, and the AluRack laptop mount) has just busted out three new gadgets. There’s the AluCup – a plastic and aluminum desk-tidy in the shape of a cup; the HeadStand, which is a headphone holder/hanger for your desk, and the AluFrame, a fancy aluminum bumper for the iPhone 5.

I don’t use headphones at home (just ask my neighbors), and I already have plenty of cups that I could use as cups. But I do have an iPhone 5, and right now it’s sitting naked on my bed, begging me to dress it (which is less exciting than it sounds). The AluFrame, then, might be just the thing.

The case has a rubber liner, and if you’re the kind of person who can open a bra clasp one-handed then you’ll feel right at home here. The top right edge of the case has a hinge just below the corner, and there’s a catch at the bottom left. This lets the case swing open and firmly grasp the iPhone, without you having to shove things around. It’s like the difference between removing a sports bra (which can admittedly be quite fun) and unwrapping a beautiful brassiere from Agent Provocateur.

The price difference is also similar: whereas a crappy rubber bumper can be had for the price of a crappy coffee down at the mall, the AluFrame Is $70, and proud of it. Then again, it could be the last bumper you’ll ever need. Until the even-thinner iPhone 6 ships, I guess.

The AluFrame, along with the other two things… Uh, what were they again? That cup and the headphone stand, right? Well, they’re all available to buy right now.

Source: Just Mobile

Thanks: Angela!

  • phusian93

    What type of phone is that…the iPhone 45GSX w/ rear facing 3D camera? Just wanna make sure it fits my iPhone too.