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Secret iOS Gestures: The Claw Swipe – iPad Multitasking Made Easy [iOS Tips]



It’s probably true that you’ve learned some great iOS gestures with two or three fingers, like pinching in or out to zoom and the like. But did you know that you can use some multitasking features with just the addition of another finger or two?

Use the claw technique to activate the following swipes on your iPad and you’ll be one step closer to gestural iOS nirvana. Or is that nerd-vana. Either way, I suppose.

To do “the claw,” bunch up all your fingers into a claw shape and touch them all on the screen at once. Then flick upward from the bottom of the screen. Boom! The multitasking bar will show up at the bottom of your beloved iPad, ready to let you tap your way to a different app with a single-finger tap. Want to close it up again? Simply claw swipe down and the bar will hide itself again. This is the same thing that happens when you double click the Home button, so never you fear.

Secondly, you can claw swipe through the apps without even activating the multitasking bar. When in an app, simply make the claw shape and swipe left or right to cycle through the latest apps you were running. This is great to switch between a couple of apps back and forth, with a simple claw swipe from side to side, without having to bring up the multitasking bar and tap through. The apps seem to cycle through in the same order that they would be in the multitasking bar.

Via: Here’s The Thing