AT&T Announces HD Voice Support To Come Later This Year



HD Voice offers higher voice quality for networks and devices, like the iPhone 5, that can support it. T-mobile has already announced its own plans to deploy the technology when it begins selling iPhone 5s later in the month. Sprint also has plans for the higher resolution mobile audio.

AT&T today announced its own support for HD Voice, with senior VP Kris Rinne telling group of technologists at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit that AT&T plans to roll out HD Voice support later this year, at the same time it starts running voice calling on its own LTE network.

“HD Voice is part of our voice over LTE strategy,” Rinne said at the meeting today, also adding that the cell company will start working on “advanced LTE” features like interference reduction and traffic bonding. All Things D also reports that AT&T is looking at even more out-of-the-box ideas, like messaging services from Facebook, to provide more added value to the AT&T network.

This announcement puts AT&T on more equal footing with its competitors, as HD Voice is a highly visible selling point for carriers these days, which has been available in Europe for a while now. In fact, the only current US carrier who has not been able to commit to an HD Voice roll out this year is Verizon, who has plans to offer the service as late as 2014.

Source: All Things D
Via: The Verge