Check Out This Super Convenient Zooming Gesture Google Invented



Using map apps on the iPhone can be a pain when you’re trying to zoom in to check out some specific detail of where you’re going.

Usually you have to use one hand to hold your iPhone and the other to pinch and zoom, but Google just made an awesome new zooming gesture that only requires one hand and one finger. 

Here’s how it works:

All you do is double tap the screen, but hold your finger down on the second tap. Then slide your finger up and down to zoom.

It’s so simple it’s brilliant, and I’m already bummed that Apple doesn’t have this gesture in Apple Maps yet.

Source: BI

  • SupaMac

    this feature is built in to the iPhone for zooming in on the screen. it’s a three-fingered tap though and it works exactly the same. You can turn it on through “Accessibility” in Settings>General.

    Obviously not built into maps though. :-/

  • markrlangston

    Please tell me this is not the first time Cult of Mac is learning about this. Maybe it’s the first time Buster’s heard about it but surely the rest of you knew this was available, right?

    I love this site and look to you for the best of the best in the Apple world so I’m shocked that no one else knew about this feature until today.

    On a more agreeable note, yes, this gesture is incredible and I really miss it when I open Apple Maps. Unless Google has a patent on this feature Apple should have this feature also. Actually, ANY app (except maybe for games) that requires pinch-to-zoom should incorporate this gesture.

  • RonGold

    I like Apple’s way better. Their 2-finger tap (and then double tap for drilling in) is simpler and it is more appropriate — the gesture matches to the feeling and functionality of what it is doing whereas Google’s method is just random.

  • HunterD

    Seems like Cult of Mac posts this sort of thing just so they’ll seem less biased.