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Apple Opens iTunes LP and Extras to Developers



Never let it be said that Apple doesn’t keep its promises. Six weeks after announcing it would open up its iTunes LP file format to all developers and labels, Apple delivered this morning with specifications and resources for both iTLP and its DVD-like iTunes Extras. All of the contents are here. The company also through in the TuneKit framework, a set of resources for delivering superior multimedia experiences through iTunes.

Apple also reiterated its support for making iTunes LP and Extras the format of choice for the store, just not quite yet. According to its development site, all approvals for both features will be handled manually until the first quarter of 2010, at which point submissions will be handled like all other iTunes uploads.

I’m thrilled to see it. Digital media has so much more potential than just the content by itself. These are a clear step into a brighter future. Well done, Apple.