Apple Updates Find My Friends To Include Better Location-Based Alerts




The ugly tan leather and stitching is still there, but Apple has a new feature for its Find My Friends app that users will find pretty useful. Apple just updated Find My Friends so that users can setup up geofences and receive a notification once a friend leaves a designated area.

Users have always been able to create location-based alerts, but Find My Friends 2.1 now lets users adjust the sensitivity of an alert by setting an exact distance threshold.  The old system used a fixed zone that alerted you when someone was in your area, but now you can set your own radiuses to alert you about more specific things – like if a friend is in your neighborhood.

Parents will probably get the most out of Find My Friends as a tool to keep tabs on kids. But it can be useful when you’re out on the town with friends and want to know when people leave, or if your significant other is on the way over and you need to clean your place up in a hurry.

The free update is available in the App Store right now.


Source: App Store

Via: TNW

  • Derek Schlicker

    Please, Johnny Ives, get rid of the leather and stitching.

  • Alex Hazel

    Here is the bigger question. How does this new update integrate with Siri. Are there new Siri commands to correlate with the new geofencing feature?

  • pogdaddle

    Please, Johnny Ives, get rid of the leather and stitching.

    And please, Cult of Mac, get rid of your ugly advertising – particularly ugly, today….

  • Tion

    Another cool that uses the Geofencing Mode:
    You can track your working hours with magic!