Woz On How Siri Should Work With Third-Party Apps [Video]



Looks like even Steve Wozniak wants Apple to release a Siri API to third-party developers, and he has a pretty good idea how it would work: a lot like AppleScript, basically. For example, to do something in Foursquare, you’d launch Siri, say “Foursquare” and then anything you said after that would be parsed through the Foursquare app. Sounds good to me… maybe with iOS 7?

  • technochick

    The catch to his idea is that it’s not just about Apple. So what if they make an SDK. They made one for IAP and put it out there as a better way to do the whole free v paid and yet many apps still don’t use it but do it in two apps. Moral of the story, the developers have to support the feature and who is to say if they will

  • nefan65

    Meh, tired of hearing from Woz, or whatever he goes by now. He’s no longer with Apple, and he just hasn’t come to grips with it. He’s no longer relevant, and needs to understand that. He’s made his $$$, now he needs to just go away. If he’s that intent on making a “better” mobile OS, phone, etc. then he should fund a start up and do it. Otherwise, shut it…