Beautiful Curved Sne iPad Stand: $90 For A Piece Of Plywood



Having just discovered that my beloved PadPivot iPad stand also works great with a closed MacBook Air (the 13-inch), you’d have a hard time convincing me to buy another iPad stand, especially one which only has a single angle of view, and which only holds the iPad in horizontal mode.

However, the Sne Stand, fashioned as it is from beautiful bent Baltic Birch plywood, is certainly tempting. Right up until you get to its $90 price tag.

Curved to fit the iPad’s ends and cradle it at 40 degrees, the Sne’s elegant curve does indeed look a lot nicer than most iPad stands. But as it is bulky, completely non portable and crazy expensive for a piece of plywood, I think that the limited production run of 2,000 units is optimistic rather than exclusive.

Then again, people continue to buy Swarovski “crystal” crap from shopping malls and airports all over the the world, and the Sne is clearly way classier – do you never know. Available now.

Source: G86

Via: Andrew Liscewski

  • ladiesman2009

    I dig it, not the price tag though. Very limited for 90 bucks.