Samsung Launches Copycat App Store To Combat iTunes And Google Play


  • icedming87

    Wait! So are they behind the scenes making their own mobile(Copying) os or are they hoping that google does not get to pissed off to end their agreement over android. If that gets pulled they have no software to attach to their plastic trash.

  • Robert X

    Lost all respect for Samsucks.

  • aardman

    No wait, this report is a complete fabrication. Didn’t Samsung’s design chief just say they aim for design that “has soul”? Yeah, the soul of a Xerox copier. Ha ha. Shameless.

  • chrisrenaldi

    they can try to copy but it will always be sub quality! I will never buy a Samdung product!

  • scottnch

    Samdung has been working on their sTunes store rong time. Cut them some srack. And it’s better than Google Pray, because it has rots of eye tlacking apps.

    Cancel. Siri? Cancel. Hello… Oh fu…

  • Inaba_kun

    The quality of writing in this article is appallingly low. It sounds like it was written by a 12 year old. And I thought it was just Apple Insider which was run by crazed fanboys…

  • Cgs101