This Is What An Apple Ad For Beer Would Look Like [Video]



No one launches a product like Apple. There are lines, and fanboys, and cheering, and crying. It’s truly amazing. But what if Apple Stores were stocked full of beer instead of gadgets?

Somersby Cider made an excellent ad which parodies Apple’s product launches… only it’s all about beer. They’ve even got docking stations and different storage options for your brew.


Source: YouTube

  • stillkickingtfc

    Cute ad, sloppy reporting. The product is cider, made from apples, part of the joke. Not beer.

  • Adrayven

    Thats just cool. lol – It’s hard cider.

  • HunterD

    Cult of Mac should use proper grammar. That would be great.

  • scottnch

    For a “Social Media” guy, you mustn’t socialise much! Beer aint cider, dude!

  • eracoder

    That girl in the video looks foxy with cider inside ‘er.

  • eracoder

    I think you mean “Cider ain’t beer”