Is Now The 8th Most Visited Website In The U.S.



For some reason, ComScore just hasn’t gotten around to adding mobile users to its measurements on how much traffic websites get until today. Now that mobile traffic is being accounted for, Apple has quickly gone from the 11th most popular website in the world to 8th.

ComScore just released its latest rankings for websites and Apple benefited the most from the addition of mobile audience scoring by adding 54% more unique viewers to its score.

ComScore announced that that it is launching its new Media Metrix Multi-Platform today. The new web audience analytics tool is supposed to give comScore’s clients a better understanding of their current web audience.

Now that mobile has been added to the rankings, the top 100 sites experienced a 38 percent gain in audience. Apple and Twitter both experienced a 54% increase, while saw its audience increase 183% in the comScore rankings.

Source: ComScore