Hand-Cranked Sun & Cloud Camera Is Always Ready To Go



Tempted as I am by the likes of the amazing Fujifilm X100s, I know that I’ll keep coming back to my iPhone 5 camera thanks to its combo of convenience, quality, connect-ability and apps. But the Sun & Cloud camera has just the right balance of price to quirky novelty to get me interested.

The main gimmick is that the Sun & Cloud doesn’t need a battery — it’s powered by hand-cranking it, uh, crank. Then, it does exactly what you’d expect: shoots pictures, records them on it’s 3MP sensor and then lets you apply one of ten Instagrammatical filters.

And that’s about it. Apart from the LED lamp, I guess. Or the ability to charge via USB is you’re feeling lazy.

I kind of like it, as I said, but I think it’s a pity that the maker didn’t put the LCD screen up on top for the true top-down experience of the original reflex cameras.

Source: AC Gears

Via: Uncrate