Llumino, The Most Beautiful Calculator App You Have Ever Seen


Soulver is pretty much the best calculator app on the Mac and iOS, mostly because it doesn’t tie itself to the UI of old pushbutton calculators. But Llumino will probably win the award for the best-looking calculator app in the App Store, coming on like a 1970s flashing disco floor and, uh, a pushbutton calculator.

Llumino turns your iPhone into a beautiful calculator. Functionally it’s as basic as you can get, with standard arithmetical operations, a plus/minus button and a percentage key. But when you press one of the buttons, colors ripple across the keyboard (you can choose the pattern) and the colors pulse and fade (you can also pick a color theme). The numbers and symbols dance on the readout up top, and the whole thing conspires to make you want to use it. You’ll be hypnotized.

If I’d had a calculator like this in school, I probably wouldn’t have done any better at math, but I might have smoked a little less weed.

The app is just $1.99. Which is 80085-80,082.01, if you’re keeping track.

Source: DOTAPON Software

  • dcj001

    “The app is just $1.99. Which is 80085-80,082.01, if you’re keeping track.”

    Charlie. You should have used a calculator app for your math above. Your math is wrong and, to be consistent, you should have used a comma in 80,085, as you did in 80,082.01.

  • antoshka_t

    CALC by bricko apps seems just a better option

  • lakerice

    i like the built in app the best..


    Calcbot (maker of tweetbot) is THEE BEST calc EVER!!!! Hands down.

  • cyberlobeapps

    Great app with cool design & layout….. I have no experience of Soulver but after reading & viewing video I need to download it once…… Recently I read an article on “Best Calculator Apps For Your iPhone And iPad” on iPhoneAppNews.