Moshi Luna Backlit Mac Keyboard Offers Curious Design Choices



Moshi’s Luna backlit Mac keyboard is a weird device. It’s a desktop device through-and-through, connecting via USB, but doesn’t have any USB ports itself – one of the major advantage of using a wired keyboard.

It also uses scissor-switched chiclet-stlye keys instead of something more substantial like you’d find in the Matias or DAS keyboards.

It does, however, sport Mac-friendly media keys, and packs a numerical keypad, perfect for moving your mouse further to the right and causing extra RSI.

The media keys across the top will work with the Mac out of the box, but to get Mission Control and so on, you’ll need to make a few tweaks in your Mac’s keyboard prefpane. This is a small price to pay for Windows (and Linux!) compatibility, and from the product shots it looks like you get your CMD keys in the right place, too.

Still, it’s $100 for a backlit keyboard with a wire, when you could spend the same for the Logitech K811 Easy Switch on which I’m typing this post, and which packs backlight, Bluetooth and battery, as well as pairing with your iPad and iPhone, as well as your Mac.

But, as they say, more choice is apparently a good thing. Available now.

Source: moshi

Via: Macworld

  • vic

    Some of us like to use a numeric keyboard. And it doesn’t move my mouse any further to the right. Not every one is right-handed.