Mastering iCloud On Your Mac: Track Your Notes [OS X Tips]


Stickies are still cool, but Notes synced via iCloud may actually be more functional.
I still like Stickies, but Notes synced via iCloud may actually be better.

I’ve been a big fan of Apple’s Stickies app since way back in System 7.5. It’s great to be able to have a little floating place to type notes and keep track of things right on the Mac, without having to resort to anything as mundane as an actual, paper-based sticky note.

The one thing Stickies doesn’t do well is synchronize across devices. With OS X Mountain Lion, however, you can make this happen using Notes and iCloud.

Head into the System Preferences and click on the iCloud preference pane icon. Once in there, add in your Apple ID and login with your credentials. Be sure to check the Notes app as an app you want to sync via iCloud. You can have many Macs set up with the same iCloud account, making this a nice way to sync notes privately across computers you’re using daily, like your work and your home computer, or your laptop and desktop Mac. If both machines are logged in to iCloud, the notes will sync up in close to real time.

Another advantage here is syncing your Notes up with your iPhone or iPad. Tap into the Settings app on your iOS device and then swipe down to iCloud. Tap iCloud and then add the same account that you did on your Mac. Be sure to toggle the Notes app sync to ON. When you open Notes on your Mac or on your iPhone, now, the note will sync to either device, again almost in real time.

To pin your note to your Mac screen, launch Notes on your Mac, then double click on the note you want to “tear off.” It will open in a non-standard window, and basically float there, ready for easy access. Try it–change the note on your Mac, your iPhone, and your other connected devices, it’s really quite fun.

Via: OS X Daily