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iRingPro Doles Out Free Ringtones




Tired of all the ringtones the iPhone comes with, and can’t stomach loading a Kenny Chesney tone onto your phone? Here’s your salvation: The ringtone upstarts at San Francisco-based iRingPro are tossing out free goodies for Thanksgiving — namely, a free, tri-pack sampler of their sangfroid-inducing ringtones.

We ran a post in August pointing out what makes these quieter, more civilized tones so cool.

The sampler includes one ringtone from each of their three theme packs: Zen, Tek and Origin. The last is my personal favorite of the three, as the complete tone is split into three pieces and plays progressively with each ring.

The theme packs are $9.95 for anywhere from 22 to 31 ringtones. The free sampler is, well, free.