Check Out This Incredible YouTube Archive Of Steve Wozniak Spilling Secret Apple History In 1984 [Gallery]


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If you love Woz (and who doesn’t?) we’ve got an extra special Friday treat for you.

Vince Patton emailed us, linking us to an incredible YouTube account filled with vintage videos of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talking to the Denver Apple Pi computer club back in 1984, in which Woz talks about being put on probation for computer abuse, hacking a video-on-demand box for free movies at a hotel, and how Steve Jobs coerced him to quit his cushy job at HP to make a go for Apple.

Vince explains that the video comes from a “long lost tape buried in my father’s basement. Wozniak and [Apple employee #6 Randy] Wigginton spoke to the Denver Apple Pi computer club on Oct. 4, 1984, just 9 months after the launch of the Macintosh. I found the VHS and finally transferred it. It’s nearly an hour and a half long, with the two men telling stories of early Apple history. ”

Here’s Wozniak describing how Steve Jobs got him to quit HP:

Here’s Wozniak talking about how Steve Jobs and he knew they would lose money at first:

Here’s Randy Wiggington talking about how close to being a disaster the Macintosh launch was:

Here’s Wozniak delivering a modified Pledge of Allegiance to “One Notion Under Jobs”

Here’s Wozniak talking about hacking a 1970’s video-on-demand box:

There’s a lot of fantastic stuff here, the perfect way for a vintage Apple fan to kill time on a lazy Friday afternoon. Make sure to check out Vince’s full archive of videos for more.

Source: YouTube