This Might Be The First Leaked iPhone 5S Component



Is this the home button and vibrator for the iPhone 5S? Maybe! Who knows?

They come from a Japanese website, first noted by, and they purport to be the first component leaks for Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

It’s plausible these are real: the iPhone 5’s home button was the first component to leak in April of last year, five months before the device was made official.

But it’s just as plausible that these are random components for some random phone, and even if they are real, they don’t tell us much about what the iPhone 5S will be like. Still… BEHOLD THE MAJESTY OF THE NEXT-GEN HOME BUTTON, MORTALS.


  • RonGold

    Interesting that the home button connector now has more than the usual 2 contacts and wires running through the flex cables. Perhaps indicating more than the basic functionality of a basic contact switch like that of the home button (ie: a flow of data, perhaps collected from a fingerprint scanner).

  • easydone101

    Haha, I love these posts :)