Nokia CEO Throws Presenter’s iPhone On Finnish TV Show [Video]



Nokia CEO Stephen Elop made his feelings about Apple’s popular smartphone clear on a Finnish TV show this week when he threw the presenter’s iPhone across the studio. Elop promised to provide him with a new Nokia handset, but he refused to answer questions about the rumored Lumia 928.

“Oh, how embarrassing,” Elop said when the presenter pulled out his iPhone, a rival to Nokia’s Windows Phone devices. He then proclaimed “I’ll take care of that,” before grabbing the device and throwing it across the studio floor. We didn’t see what kind of condition the iPhone ended up in, but it didn’t sound good — as you’ll hear in the video below.

To be fair to Elop, the presenter did say that he didn’t want his iPhone, and that he wanted a Nokia device instead. Crazy, I know.

Strangely, throwing cellphones is a sport in Finland, and they stage an annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship with categories in freestyle, original, and junior throwing. Perhaps that’s why the presenter in the clip above seemed completely unfazed by the sight of his iPhone flying across the studio.

Source: YouTube

Via: The Verge

  • scottasavage

    Looked more like he just tossed it off to the side. I’m not saying I condone taking someones phone and tossing it to the ground, but, you know, it didn’t sound that bad. I’ve dropped my phones a few times and heard much worse with only scuffs and scratches.

    It was an iPhone, not a Nexus or S3, after all. Bit more sturdy. ;)

  • Zeteboy

    Elop proves his immaturity. Just like Balmer.

  • joewaylo

    I’ll bet he was just showing off and the iPhone is okay when he picks it up after the show. I hardly dent mine when I chuck it like Elop did.

  • bdkennedy

    I would have walked outside to his car and keyed it.

  • Los_Edwardos

    Hjallis on äijä, eikä sitä kiinnosta jos Nokian toimitusjohtaja heittäisi hänen puhelimensa lattialle. Se on vain puhelin.

    For all you who doesn’t speak Finnish (shame on you!), here’s translation to English.

    Hjallis (it’s the nickname of the presenter) is the man and he doesn’t care if Nokia’s CEO throws his phone to the ground. It’s only a phone.

  • Jdsonice

    Aww! Poor baby, lost his mojo.

  • bondr006

    I’m guessing that was staged, just to get us Apple fanboys in an uproar.

  • vaio1990

    Hahahah this CEO is such a loser! Cant even win against blackberry lol

  • Cgs101

    Idiots! Both of them