BikeSpike, a GPS Security Tracker For Your Bike



The Bikespike is a GPS-enabled cellular device which lets you track your bike. And while you can use it as an iPhone-connected bike computer, complete with speed, calorie and location stats, its main purpose is as a security device.

Clamp the Bikespike to your bike and you can do one of several things. You can set up a geofence which will send an alarm to your iPhone if it’s moved out of your preset area. If that happens, you can track the bike using the
iPhone app, hand over the live tracking data to the cops, and send a warning out to Twitter or Facebook so any nearby friends can lend a hand.

But best of all is the Kickstarter promo video, which features the most Shakespearean rendering of a product pitch since Orson Welles hawked Cheetos:

The device nestles down on the frame, bolted to the bottle-cage mounts, and even comes with a custom cage so you can still carry water. I imagine that it’d need security bolts to stop it just being removed, and the angle grinder in the video would also make short work of a plastic-covered dongle.

Want one? Minimum buy-in is $150 right now. I like the idea, but it doesn’t beat careful parking of your bike.

Source: Kickstarter

Via: Urban Velo

  • cpmorris0

    I do like this idea, but ideas are just that. So all a thief needs to do is bring a Torx wrench with him to take the transmitter off the bike. Or better yet, take that angle grinder and destroy it, no extra tool needed.

    No thanks…

  • VirtualVisitor

    SpyBike already exists.

  • Windlasher

    Im thinking – Mounting it inside the seat pole with an expandable ring and special wrench so that it cannot be removed.