Photojojo’s LED Lighting Bank Will Brighten Up Your iPhoneography



Counter-intuitive though it may seem, taking a light source and putting it right up close to your subject’s face – as close as you can without getting it in frame – makes for softer light. Why? Because it makes the light bigger in relation to the subject. If that subject is a face, a bigger light can “wrap around” its contours and fill in its own shadows.

And the Photojojo Pocket Spotlight is a big light source for your iPhone.

On-camera flash sucks. It’s harsh, it’s on almost the same axis as the lens, so it reflects straight back from the subject, and it… you know the drill. It’s just shit.

The Pocket Spotlight is a bank of LEDs that uses your iPhone’s jack socket as a mount (annoying on the iPhone 5, I guess) and gives a softer, easier to control light. It’s a continuous source (i.e. not a flash) and so you can see the results before you pull the trigger. You can even remove it from the iPhone to light from the side, say.

All this and just $30. It’ll even help you find your keys when you drop them in a dark corner. Do yourself a favor and quit using the iPhone’s built-in flash.

Source: The Photojojo Store

Thanks: Kiran!