Firaxis, Developer of Civilization Games, Announces Monster-Themed iOS Strategy Game



The fact that we’re mentioning this game really hinges on one fact: It’s being released by Firaxis and 2K Games, two names behind some of the greatest games ever made: Sid Meier’s Pirates, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and of course, the Civilization series (and for a little bit here, let’s just forget that 2K is also responsible for the somewhat poorly received Borderlands Legends).

The new game, Haunted Hollow, is a strategy game that features horror-story staples like vampires, zombies, mummies and witches as playable troops that venture forth from their haunted mansion headquarters in an effort to control the town. It’s multiplayer, so you’ll go up against other players trying to do the same thing, either over Game Center or locally via pass-and-play — which means the game is turn-based. More details from the press release:

· Build and rule a mysterious mansion that spawns freaky monsters, including Vampires, Zombies, Mummies, Witches and Reapers
· Go head-to-head with rivals to scare townspeople, battle enemies, avoid angry mobs and seize control of the town
· Power-up with each monster’s own menacing powers and additional enhancements
· Choose from varying Haunted House architecture styles such as the ‘Lost Temple’ and ‘Mad Scientist’

2K says the game will be out later this spring, and it’ll be free — which means it’ll most likely be based on the freemium game-model. Regardless, we’re salivating with anticipation.