Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Save Your Mom Some Embarrassment, Disable Auto-Correct [iOS Tips]


Click for the full convo. Oy.
Click for the full convo. Oy.

Auto-correct is one of the most loved and hated features of the modern iPhone era, with tons of websites featuring the hilarious, and usually racy, mistakes that auto-correct seems to gleefully include in any hastily typed conversation with your mom.

There are other features that you can toggle off and on as well, but seriously, this is important. Right, mom?

Tap into the Settings app, and then hit General. Scroll down a bit, and then tap Keyboard. You’ll discover at the top of this screen the saving grace of all your future conversations with your mother or other folks you’d rather not have inadvertently dirty conversations with.

First up, you can toggle Auto-Capitalization OFF, if you dislike your iOS device capitalizing everything after a period. I’d leave this on, but whatever. Secondly, you can turn OFF Auto-Correction with a simple tap. Do it now if you value your mom’s poor eyes. And heart condition.

Finally, you can turn OFF the Check Spelling, Enable Caps Lock (why?), and the full stop Shortcut, which types a period when you double tap the spacebar. And no, that wasn’t racy. Shhh.

Your mom can thank us next time she rolls through the iOS tips section, of course, but we’re just happy with helping you restore that relationship to its former “don’t ask and above all don’t tell” glory. Because, really? Mom doesn’t need to read those things.

Thanks, Leah, for the image! We hope your mom feels better, soon.

  • VirtualVisitor

    How about an auto-correct that DOESN’T CORRECT without permission! Holy Carp !