Mastering Evernote: Version Control Your Notes With History Feature [OS X Tips]


Evernote History

With the ability to store notes over time, make changes to them, and collaborate with others (an Evernote Premium feature), it stands to reason that your notes will change over time. What if a collaborator makes a change to a note that you don’t want? What if you make a change, then walk away from the note for a few days or weeks, but forget what you changed? The agony!

Luckily, Evernote provides a robust history system to let you see the change history of all your notes. Here’s how to access it.

Open Evernote, then open a note that you’re interested to see the history of. Click on the small ‘i’ info icon in the upper right of the window, and click on the blue “View History” link at the bottom. A second window will appear, with the current note’s history. The more changes over time, the more entries in the History list.

Click on any of the notes in the list, listed with a time and date stamp, and you’ll get that version of the note. YOu can then click on the pop up menu to the upper right to see the other saved versions of the note, as well. If you want to bring in a note version from the past, simply hit the “Import” button to the right. Your old note will be saved within Evernote as a separate note.

This feature is only available to Premium users, of course, so your mileage may vary.

Via: Ron’s Evernote Tips