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Apple: Google Now Hasn’t Been Submitted To App Store Yet



After a few days of speculation, Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, finally commented on whether Google Now would be making its way to iOS. This morning, Schmidt said that Google Now has been submitted to the App Store and the only thing standing in its way is Apple. The only problem is Schmidt’s completely wrong.

Apple commented on the Google Now approval process this afternoon and said that they haven’t even received Google Now yet.

Apple has allegedly confirmed to CNET that Schmidt is misinformed, because the Google Now application was never submitted for approval to the Apple App Store.

Apple and Google have clashed a few times over the App Store’s approval process. Last year, Google claimed that Apple was planning to deny the Google Maps app for iOS after Apple Maps debuted on iOS 6. However, Google Maps was approved by Apple once it was submitted.

Google Now debuted on Android last year. The app can access calendar info, email, news, and other datasets, to give users information throughout the day. Google Now for iOS would threaten to take some users away from Siri, but Apple has never denied one of Google’s apps that threaten a main feature, so there’s it’s unlikely that they’ll shoot down Google Now.