iCloud, Dropbox, And Amazon Rated Top Cloud Services In U.S.




We don’t often think of Apple as a cloud services company because so much emphasis is placed on hardware, but for many consumers, Apple’s iCloud is their first experience using cloud storage.

Over this past fall, Strategy Analytics conducted a study on which cloud services are the most popular in the U.S. right now, and iCloud grabbed the top spot with 27% usage.

Apple has been pushing iCloud and iTunes Match usage hard ever since the release of iOS 5 two years ago. Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive rounded out the top three in the study, with 17% and 15% usage.

Music has been the driving force behind cloud services so far. 45% of the content on Dropbox are audio files, while iTunes Match specializes in streaming music to your iPhone. There’s still a lot of room for growth in the cloud though. Out of 2,300 people that participated in the study, over 55%  said they’ve never used a cloud media service at all.


Source: Strategy Analytics

Via: Engadget


  • Sundeep Chugani

    Also note that the title of the bar chart refers to Cloud MEDIA services, not simply Cloud services.

  • erichpfeiffer

    With deeper investigation you will find apple does not actually “host” its cloud. It is a mix of Microsoft Azure services and amazon services.

  • Daniel09DD

    @erichpfeiffer – Where did you find that information? I have been researching and I read that Apple does own iCloud host centers.

  • nicmart

    Like everything else Apple has done in the cloud, iCloud is a stinkin’ mess.