Facebook Wants To Send You Notifications Bugging You To Update Your Status



I only really use Facebook for its messaging features; the last time I actually updated my status was February 2012. But the company is testing an annoying new feature which could persuade users like me to turn their back on it altogether. It wants to send you a push notification on your iOS devices that bugs you to post a new status update if you haven’t done so in a while.

The new “feature” was first discovered by Bijan Sabet, a general partner at Spark Capital, who posted a screenshot of the notification to Twitter. Mashable contacted Facebook to find out what the deal was and the social network confirmed that it was part of “a small test we’re running.”

Facebook is known for testing new features with a select group of users prior to making them available to all, so it would appear this is exactly what’s happening here. There’s a chance the company could decide to scrap the notification before it starts rolling out to everyone, of course — and we hope that happens.

But if you see one on your iPhone, you know it’s time to close down your account and delete the app. Either that or just update your status.

Source: Mashable

  • ElVox

    Uhm…you could delete the facebook app and just install facebook messenger app, you know? It’ll give you what you apparently want.