New Reuters App For iPhone And iPad Combines News With Gestures



Did you wake up this morning thinking that what you really need is a new, hard-to-navigate news app for your iPhone or iPad? Then you’re in luck: Reuters has announced just that. It’s called “Reuters,” and it mixes the seriousness of news with the fun of frustrating gestures.

To be fair, a news app is all about the content, and the Reuters app serves both up-to-date news plus a bunch of actually useful and related stories, in a clean and good-looking UI. You can star stories to save them for later or mark them as interesting, and you can swipe your way around subjects like Home (everything), World, Tech, Politics, Business and Market.

The interface is a lot like the old Twitter for iPad, with sheets stacking over each other as you go. And while you can Tweet and share stories via the Facebook, there doesn’t seem to be any way to copy and paste snippets of text.

Still, the app is free, and if what you want is an overview of world news with a faux neutral and detached style, then this is the app for you. It also works on the iPhone.

Source: Reuters Apps