DOCKr Is The Most Complete iPad-to-Laptop Converter Yet



We’ve seen a lot of iPad-enhancing accessories over the last couple of years. Speaker cases like the Belkin Thunderstorm, bring-your-own-keyboard cases like the Incase Origami, and even iPad battery cases. But here’s a new one: DOCKr, an accessory that brings all these advantages together in one Skittle-colored package.

inNuevo, the outfit behind DOCKr, says the accessory adds a whopping six upgrades to the iPad: a clamshell case with a custom-designed enclosure (which fits Apple’s Wireless Keyboard, or inNuevo’s own keyboard) speakers and an extra battery that adds about seven hours of use. That’s three; they’re counting a flexible viewing angle, the keyboard slot itself and the ability to customize the look of your iPad through different color selections as the other three — kind of iffy.

But even if the DOCKr doesn’t provide six full features, it’s still a hefty upgrade. Additionally, the case has USB and micro-USB ports to charge your peripherals using the DOCKr’s battery. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled — though what this might be used for isn’t quite clear.

inNuevo will also sell you their keyboard, normally $50, at a discount if you buy it with the DOCKr — though how much of a discount hasn’t been revealed yet.

Actually, not much of anything else, like pricing and availability, has been revealed; the DOCKr hasn’t even been introduced yet. A  launch party is set for April 2, at which point more details will emerge and the device’s Kickstarter page will go live.