Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Tap And Slide For Other Characters [iOS Tips]


iOS Keyboard Slide

This is actually my favorite tip ever, and it’s usually the one I share with any new iOS owners I come across.

When you’re tapping away on the keyboard on your iPhone, there are bound to be times when you miss the right key. It happens, right? So, the options are to tap the delete button, and deal with all the auto-correct stuff, or just do this one little thing and make it all better.

Instead of lifting your finger when you mis-hit a keyboard character, simply keep your thumb or finger down and slide it over to the character you *meant* to hit. For example, if you tap on the Y button instead of the T, hold your finger down and slide it over to the T. When you release, iOS will type a T. Cool, right?

This comes in really handy when you’re inserting characters from the numbers or punctuation keyboard. If you want to type a 3, for example, tap and hold your finger down on the 123 button, and slide up to the 3 character. The same works for the Shift button, like in a password. If you tap on the Shift, then slide your finger over to the character you want to capitalize, iOS will caps the character, and then go back to lowercase for the next, keeping you from a tap, cap, and reTap. Or something of that nature.

Enjoy the new freedom of slide on your iOS keyboard, and be sure to pass it forward.