Here’s A Truly Useful Set Of Shortcuts For The iOS Notification Center [Jailbreak]


tap to widgets

A couple of days ago I showed you two handy jailbreak tweaks for Notification Center. “Compose” and “Kamera” give quick access to Mail, Messages, and the iPhone’s cameras. Along with tweaks like NCSettings, there’s a lot you can do enhance Notification Center on a jailbroken iOS device.

A Cydia tweak called “Tap to Widgets” is one of the most useful Notification Center tools I’ve seen for jailbreakers.

Besides the Twitter and Facebook share buttons Apple already has for Notification Center, Tap to Widgets adds buttons for Calendar, Notes, and Reminders. I was impressed with how native the tweak felt on the iPhone; it’s like something Apple could eventually implement in iOS with ease.

iPhone 1

I use Fantastical on the iPhone to manage my calendar, but I’ve also started using the Calendar shortcut in this tweak for quickly adding new events. It’s a pretty fluid experience when you contrast it with adding events in the actual Calendar app. A nice touch is that you can tap and hold on “Add” to select which calendar you want to save the event to. The same goes for Notes and Reminders.


The icons for the buttons are displayed alongside one another, and you can select to remove the tiny dividers between each button. Like any Notification Center widget, you’ll need to enable Tap to Widgets from the Notifications menu in the Settings app. The Calendar, Notes, and Reminders buttons can all be toggled on or off individually, or you can enable the whole package for the sleek icon layout you see in the top screenshot.

Tap to Widgets costs $2 in Cydia. Check it out!