Amazon Says There’s No Way They Could Make A $99 Tablet



Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets have been some of the best competition to the iPad, mostly because they’re cheap but come with good software. It seems like Amazon would sell the Kindle for as cheap as possible if it meant taking a slice of Apple’s pie.

Earlier this morning, a rumor was floated by TechCrunch that Amazon is making a $99 tablet to compete with the iPad mini. It sounded crazy at the time because the Kindle Fire is already $130 cheaper than the iPad mini. Turns out that the rumor was too good to be true and Amazon’s already shot it down.

Business Insider reports that an Amazon spokesperson has told them the $99 Kindle Fire tablet isn’t coming.

“It’s not happening–we are already at the lowest price points possible for that hardware.”

It looks like there are price points that are too low, even for Amazon. It’s too bad. Can you imagine how amazingly bad a $99 tablet would be (unless it was subsidized by carriers).


Source: Business Insider

  • MrsCleaver

    There’s no end to it. Cult posts a rumor (read: a totally unsubstantiated report) of a $99 Amazon Kindle, and we all scratch our heads at the impossibility of such an item. Then, Cult publishes a report that says Amazon itself says the rumor is pure bunk.

    What we need now is a new rumor, one by the poster of the original rumor, telling us that Amazon’s dismissal of the first rumor is baseless. Kind of a rumor-rumor-rumor.