Withings Body ‘Analyzer’ Tracks Weight, Heart, Air-Quality And Fat



Withings, the mobile-connected health-monitoring people, have just announced a brand new bathroom scale. Only this isn’t just another scale that’ll Tweet your weight to a disinterested world. It has hookups to monitor not just your body, but also the home you live in.

The new Smart Body Analyzer will still weigh you and send the info to the Withings app on your iPhone, or straight up to the internet. But it will also check your heart-rate as you stand on it, your body fat, plus the air-quality of the room you’re standing in, based on carbon dioxide levels therein.

Apart from these new features, the scale, sorry, analyzer works just like the regular Withings scale, working with lots of third-party apps, and talking to your iPhone or iPad (or Android phone) via Bluetooth. The price? Around $150.

Source: Withings

Thanks: Jessica!