New QuikIO 2.0 With QuikBeam Lets You Beam Media Between iPhones, iPads


Beam me up, Scotty.
Beam me up, Scotty.

QuikIO has been a great solution for getting your files from your Mac to your iOS device for a while now, with AppleTV support added this past January.

Today, however, the app has added yet another great feature: the ability to send your files from iPhone to iPhone with the new QuikBeam feature, letting you send photo, video, and other files between iPhones at higher speeds than otherwise available. The developers claim that the feature will send ten full-resolution photos in as little as one second, using a proprietary network intelligence system that finds the fastest path between two iPhones running the QuikIO app.

There’s no file size limit, and it works over Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, and 3G/4G/LTE network systems. You can even send files you’ve downloaded from your Mac with the QuikIO app to another iPhone running QuickIO as well, which could certainly come in handy when you accidentally leave that important file on your home computer.

The QuikIO system allows you to avoid emailing yourself files, or paying for cloud-based storage like Dropbox. You simply install an app on your Mac (or PC), install the app on your iOS device, and then you can stream photos, videos, and documents to your iPhone or iPad without any extra steps. Video plays without conversion, and as many files as you like, without any storage limits, since you’re just pulling files from your own Mac. You can keep a copy of the files on your iOS device, as well, letting you access your media even when outside of network coverage.

The new QuickBeam feature works like Bump does, only faster, according to Michael Chen, QuikIO CEO and co-founder, who said that QuickIO “is significantly faster when it is used within Home Wi-Fi and connecting with a personal hotspot.” This way, you can transfer larger media files directly from iPhone to iPhone, super fast.

QuikIO is free for a limited time for the iPhone, as is QuikIO HD for the iPad. The app is regularly priced at $2.99 on either platform.

Source: App Store

  • rockarollr

    Just downloaded QuikIO for all of my Apple devices – iPhone, iPad and Mac. Thanks for the tip, Rob! Much appreciated.

  • HTraze

    Is it any better than instashare?