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Hulu Plus Gets Redesigned “From The Ground Up” For The Apple TV



If you’re a Hulu Plus subscriber that prefers to consume your favorite shows on Apple’s diminutive set-top box, great news: Hulu has just announced a new Hulu Plus experience that they say they have completely redesigned from the ground up.

Over at their blog, Hulu has the skinny on what is new, but here’s the summary:

• A new content category navigation bar making it easier to jump into chosen sections or genres of Hulu Plus content.

• A new “Shows You Watch” Tray

• Improved, easier playback. Now, when you select a show, hitting the Play button will automatically begin playing the latest episode (hitting ‘Enter’ will bring you to an episode select screen, as usual). In addition, holding down the ‘Select’ button on your Apple TV remote to bring up the option to turn on Subtitles.

Hulu Plus is one of the apps I use most on my Apple TV, and this seems like a solid update. If you’ve got a Hulu Plus account, make sure to check it out. The new Hulu Plus app is part of the Apple TV 5.2.1 update, released today.

Source: Hulu Plus