Another Android Feature We’d Like On The iPhone: Gmail Replies In Notification Center



File under the ever-growing list of “things Android does better than iOS.” Today it’s Gmail, which now lets you reply to, archive or delete your messages right there in the notification. Meanwhile, us schmucks with iPhones and iPads are stuck digging into preferences just to toggle Bluetooth on and off, and waving a freshly-slaughtered chicken over our heads as we try to make Photo Stream work again.

Android has a few features I covet. One is the notification center, which lets you do all kinds of neat stuff quickly – in this case you can reply to an email, archive it or delete it.

I’m also envious of the way you can specify default apps: You can choose Skype as your default phone app, you can choose browsers, and you can send info between apps way more easily than you can in iOS.

Third is the app ecosystem and fourth the amazing battery life… just kidding! Those are still jokes.

So there you have it. Android beats Apple again. Or rather, Google adds a neat feature to Gmail which iOS just can’t manage.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

Via: The Verge

  • Robert X

    No, not really. I’d like it to just be a notification center.