Perspective Correct App Corrects Perspective


According to those dandruff-shouldered, bad-breathed “experts” at camera clubs the world over, converging verticals in a photograph are “bad.” Converging verticals are the effect you see when you tip your camera back to capture to top of a building and the verticals appear to point towards each other instead of straight up.

Amazingly, these “experts” never complain about converging horizontals.

So if you are planning on entering a competition at your local camera club, and there will be buildings involved in your pictures, then you might want to take a look at Perspective Correct, an app to — you guessed it — correct perspective.

All the publicity shots show buildings, but you could also use this to take the distortion out of pictures you snap of dry-erase boards, or posters, or even scanned pages of your notebooks. Using it is dead easy: you just swipe up/down or left/right, and you can also manually adjust exposure as you shoot.

Not interested in yet another photo capture app? I hear you — I never shoot with anything but the stock Camera app. Perspective Correct has you covered there, too, letting you import photos from your camera roll to “correct” at your leisure. Plus, it’s just $2, so you can buy it and keep it in your Photo folder until its time to shut up those whining camera club idiots who insist that you should be using a “real” camera.

Source: iTunes
Via: Life in LoFi