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Incredimail Makes Your iPad Mail Look Incredible



Mailbox might be getting all the e-mail press these days, but there’s a long line to get in, and it looks terrible on the iPad. Incredimail isn’t anything like Mailbox, but neither is it like any other e-mail client. Think of it as something like Flipboard fro you e-mail and you” get the idea.

Incredimail is a free iPad e-mail app that shows you your inbox as a grid of snippets. These snippets have pictures, a snatch of the e-mail body, and are titled with the subject line and sender. To say it makes a great-looking magazine from your mail wouldn’t be an overstatement.

The app works with pretty much any mail provider, from Gmail to iCloud and Yahoo, GMX, AOL (!) or any IMAP provider. You can navigate your whole mailbox structure (made up of your labels in Gmail), and if you sign in to the Facebook you can view your friends’ photo updates as well as have their profile photos next to their incoming mails.

Animations are playful but fast (and therefore not annoying), and in grid view you can swipe to turn pages, and to scroll a mail within its tile. There’s no lack of proper power features, either: a unified inbox, bulk editing of messages, attachment icons, an in-app browser for viewing links, live search and support for multiple photos in attachments.

The only downside is that it’s slow to load. I’m on a 100-meg fiber connection and it still takes a while to process my inbox every time I open it up. My guess is that the delay comes from formatting everything nicely. As it is, I’m using Incredimail to go over messages saved for later using the aforementioned Mailbox app.

And if you have fairly low volume email, this app looks great.

How much? Free, amazingly, which also makes me worry, given the amount of great iOS mail apps that keep getting bought by big business.

Source: iTunes Store