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KitCam Update Lets You Take Better Photos In Low Light, Adds New Features



KitCam has become one of my favorite photography apps for the iPhone, and it continues to improve with every update. The latest promises to bring you better low-light photos, and a number of nifty new features — including a front-facing flash, TIFF support, live exposure, and more.

KitCam version 1.6 delivers a new feature called Night Snap, which allows you to take higher quality photos in very low light conditions. You can manually set the exposure time up to one second to produce great night time shots, as well as pretty light trails.

In addition to this, the update adds 10 new geometric shape frames, and a front-facing flash that lets you take better “selfies” in the dark. It does this by turning your display white as your picture is taken, so the higher you have your screen’s brightness, the more effective it’ll be.

KitCam 1.6 is also one of the few photographs apps to support uncompressed TIFF files, which are free from JPEG compression ensuring the highest possibly image quality. TIFF files can be shared and exported, just like JPEGs, only they look better.

If you’d like to continue to use JPEGs, but you still want great photos, then you can now adjust KitCam’s JPEG compression until you get the picture quality you’re happy with. This also allows you to crank the compression right up to produce smaller image files if ever you need them.

Other new additions in this update include live exposure on the histogram, extended time-lapse parameters, and speed optimizations. You’ll find the update in the App Store now by hitting the source link below. If you don’t already have KitCam, I highly recommend it.

Source: App Store