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Skinny iMac Now Comes With Built-In VESA Mount



My 27-inch iMac hangs on my wall, freeing up desk-space and terrifying me that it will fall off as I sleep and crush me in my bed. To get it up there I had to hit up Amazon and order the VESA wall mount, plus an adapter to replace the iMac’s huge foot with a VESA-compatible set of holes.

The result is very sturdy, and very neat. But there’s one problem: where the hell do I put that giant (and heavy) aluminum foot? If I were buying new iMac, I could just order a version without the stand, and instead equipped with a built-in VESA mount.

The build-to-order version will cost you an extra $40, but that $40 means you won’t have to find anywhere to stow the useless old leg. For individuals like you and me, this mightn’t be so great – we may want to revert to a desktop-bound machine in the future. But in organizations that need a bunch of wall-mounted iMacs all at once, it’s ideal.

It’s hard to see a downside to this. Well, apart from the obvious one: If I hung the new iMac on my bedroom wall, I’d have to worry about its slim edge coming down on my throat and beheading me during the night. Shiver.

Source: Apple