HTC And LG Are Trolling Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 Event With Perfection



If you haven’t heard, Samsung’s got a new phone that they’re going to debut in New York right now.

The event was supposed to start at 7pm EST, but thanks to some delays, reporters are still waiting to sit down. Even though the show is all about the Galaxy S 4, which has been leaked everywhere by now, LG and HTC are at the event to troll the hell out of Samsung, and it’s beautiful.

Here’s some pictures of the trolling in action:

HTC has a few employees at the event handing out snacks to the press that have been waiting outside Radio City Music Hall for hours.


As reported by Gizmodo, LG on the other hand leased the ad space above a Samsung Galaxy S 4 announcement, and they made their ad look like Samsung’s, except it brags about the LG Optimus G.

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The show event is sure to be great. I mean, there were no refreshments. Hellish lines. A corny teaser video with a little kid. And it started nearly 15 minutes late. Way to go Samsung.